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♥ Machu Picchu Tour is Peruvian world class company! Specialized to provide you the best service you can imagine, the only company in the industry of tourism offering organic and healthy food along all the trips around Cusco, Peru. Therefore, we dedicated to improve the lives of the porters, with knowledgeable tour guides, with professional Andean chefs and our animals are well cared for and fed. The only ones in Perú that provides exceptional Peru vacations to the world’s most amazing place, Machu Picchu – The Lost City of the Incas.

HIKE with Organic Food along all our expeditions to The last capital of the Inkas. Therefore, we invite you before to book inca tours to see our recommendations on TripAdvisor! Make your reservation with locals and travel in the past supporting Quechua family!.

♥ The company is a fully licensed and 100% legal tour operator for the inca trail tours, Machu Picchu tours and Peru trips. Machu Picchu Tour offers relaxing expeditions, espectacular tours for the adventurous, as well we modify and restyle Machu Picchu travel packages, according to the price and interests of potential travellers who come to have fun and travel with us! ¡join us in our adventure tours!.


The Storytelling With Data

Marko Co-founder, after hiking more than 300 times the famous Inca trail hike and ► surviving the Dead woman's pass, unfortunately my knee cartilages could not support any more to keep hiking the Inca trail tours to Machu Picchu. Therefore, i had to create the following Peru Tour Companies in order not to forget my career of tourism industry. (all of them are at the end).

→ Just to let to know all Inka Trail hikers....♥

♥ The popular Peru trekking ▬ Inca Trail to Machu Picchu is Americas the best adventure tours in Peru and the spectacular now to experience Machu Picchu history by foot.

► The ancient trail laid by Inkas from the Sacred Valley to Machu Picchu winds its way up and down and around the mountains, snaking over three high Andean summits in route, which have collectively led to the route being dubbed the Inca Trail Tour

→ This could have been a terrible time in my life. I was thriving in my career and had no plans to leave it, but there are some parts of life we can not control.

At the end of 2015, many years after hiking the inca trail to machu picchu with knees damaged, I was laid off from my job, when trekking was my passion, but i understood that was time to stopped working after hiking thousand of kilometers with important people from different continents, countries, cultures, ages, languages, etc. I feel so proud of myself cause i left history of Peru high - Won’t never be forgotten my culture who i shared with.

I left my job and I learned to value my life, friends and especially my talent.

That’s why tour companies Began?

A little origin story about our travel agencies..

The real power I found during that time was that I could take control of my future. Running an online businesses built around HGT allowed me to spend more time with my wife and my three kids. I wanted to share this experience I learned with other people and colleagues in similar or perhaps worst situations.

Why I Do What I Like?

My family is the primary motivation for everything that I do, and you’ll hear me mention them often throughout the site. My daughters Ariana, Hannah and Mark. My three kids are my life since that moment. The best part about my job is that it allows me to plan my day around my family, not around my business.

“Your family is not the world - the world is your family” Dad

Nowadays, i am behind the desk after joining my adventure and i can work from home. In 2017 my dream came true and it became the best of my life and career.

I believe that with GOOD attitude, perseverance, optimism and a winning mentality we ALL can find the world by mouthfuls.

¿Do you think is easy to be an Inca Trail Guide?

The Inca trail guides are not made of metal, our work depends on 80% of feet, especially knees and unkle. Most of the year we sleep in a hotel of thousand stars "a tent" but happy to say we almost live in one of the seven wonders of the world, Machu Picchu. Therefore it was another motivation to keep working in the same industry, maybe is not the same as working as mountaineer, but i am occupying the position of a leader for myself.

Thanks the important people who i hiked the inca trail with!

All listed agencies are locally owned tour operators, based in Cusco and created by Marko Andinauta TEAM. Provides exceptional hiking tours to Machu Picchu.

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